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Michael, I also enjoyed chatting with you today.

You made me feel like you sincerely cared about my daughter whom you obviously never met before.  You should be very proud of the service you provide, not only the brace but also the customer service you deliver.  I have never encountered such wonderful customer service as a did today. I am very thankful people like you do exist in such a "busy" world. Every kind word matters when it comes to our children especially when they have special needs. I really appreciate you taking your time with our conversation today. Im sure your patients and their parents are lucky to have you on their side. 

All the Best, Michelle.
I just wanted to reach out to let you know just how wonderful the Bamboo Brace is. Both of my children were born with a cleft lip, and my son also has a cleft palate. Between the two of them, we've been through 3 surgeries already and have at least one more to go. This most recent surgery, we broke down and purchased the Bamboo Braces so my son would have more mobility during his healing process. It has been NIGHT and DAY from using the splints provided by the hospital. He can move, play, and even roll over without us having to worry about his lip. With the others, we had to cut them down to fit and tape them together to even get them to stay on. The bamboo braces have been a lifesaver. I cannot thank you enough!
Hi Michael,
I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for being a part of such a life changing product!  My daughter was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome in July and has been mouthing her right hand since April.  While she wasn’t the biggest fan when I put the braces on at first, she has quickly adapted and is now able to enjoy herself and playing without constantly having her hands in her mouth.  

I’m recommending these to any mom I speak with.  Again, thank you!

Hi Michael.
Thank you for the follow up.  Our Bamboo Braces are working out awesome!  She is able to sit up and use her arms for support all by herself!! 

I'd just like to tell you how much of a difference the bamboo brace has made to Aleisha. Aleisha is 4 and has global developmental delay. I ordered the bamboo brace because of her constant mouthing of her hands. Since wearing the bamboo braces on both arms, she has much more control and we are finding she is concentrating more on other things. Although she puts her hands straight back in her mouth when the braces come off we are hoping that eventually she'll mouth less and less when un-braced. Thank you for developing The Bamboo Brace, it's fantastic! 

I am a pediatric physical therapist working primarily with children with neurological and genetic disorders (i.e. CP, Down syndrome, Prader Willi, etc.). I came across this product 9 months ago when looking on different sites for a product to assist with elbow support for UE weight-bearing. I was so excited when I found the Bamboo was exactly what I was looking for. Michael was so helpful with providing advice for how to use the brace with my patients. Initially I thought I would ONLY use the brace to assist with upper extremity weight bearing with children with low tone. Once I got started using the brace I was excited to see that it was very useful in MANY, MANY other ways including constraint induced therapy, to prevent mouthing, proximal support of the elbow joint during fine motor activities at the hand when child is in sitting, crawling, rolling, etc. It is definitely like having another set of hands...I don''''t know any pediatric PT who hasn't wished for that! I absolutely love this product. I am so glad that Michael was able to make a product that wasn't available and also being committed to continuing to help other find uses for this product as well.
Kristen PT, DPT
My daughter starting using the Bamboo Brace around age 2 1/2, and I wish we had known about it when she was younger so she would have learned how to crawl! She was a scooter! Even until age 2 1/2, she would avoid any type of crawling, but since she has been using the brace, she is much better at crawling. She often chooses to crawl around while she is playing, and she has gained enough strength and range of motion to do it without the brace. The brace has many more benefits than helping with crawling though. If you are considering the brace - for a child at ANY age, I highly recommend it. I plan to purchase the next size up when she outgrows this one.

I am a school physical therapist. I currently am using the Bamboo Brace with an 8 1/2 year old student who has Lissencephaly. Her hands were always in her mouth. The skin on her hands and around her mouth was quite red and raw. This behavior was limiting her ability to participate in functional activities in the classroom. Using the Bamboo Brace helped her keep her hands away from her face and stay more focused on using her head switch and using her hands to explore her environment including a variety of textures. She tolerates the brace well during activities and seems comfortable wearing it. 

My eleven year old son has hemiplegia due to in utero stroke. I have been telling him for years, many, many times a day to "rest your arm down". His high muscle tone makes having his hand up to his chin his normal position. Now, with the bamboo brace, I no longer have to remind him, and it takes him out of that position that encourages high tone all through his arm. So, the brace not only helps his arm position, but also relaxes his hand, making him more likely to use it. This brace restricts what he shouldn't do, but doesn't prevent him in any way from moving in good ways. He doesn't complain about wearing it, and it is super easy to put on. Most bracing systems have some sort of disadvantage along with the advantages, but this brace is all great! Thanks, Michael, for creating the brace I have been looking for for years, and for being a great support! Ann I invested in the bamboo brace to encourage my daughter who has quadriplegic cp to weight bear through her arms. Katie could only commando crawl. After less than 5 months of working with the brace Katie is up on all fours crawling, even without the brace. Amazing results! We were told Katie would never crawl, but with the bamboo brace it gave Katie the confidence to try and the reminder to keep the arms more straight (Katie always has the arms flexed).

Nothing beats the feeling of proving the professionals wrong. Thank you so much for this wonderful product and giving Katie some independence. I am one very proud mammy!!
Aisling L
Hi Michael,

We are extremely pleased with the Bamboo brace, as it our son's OT!  We have seen a definite improvement in his abilities to bear weight on his affected arm,as in he is actually bearing weight on his arm, and are excited about future improvements as well!  We are currently in China adopting a second child with CP, and although she is not as affected as our son, I definitely think we will be ordering one for her as well once we get home!

Thank you so much for your product!

As an OT, I''m always looking for a tool to facilitate function. The Bamboo Brace does just that! In one child''s session, I can switch between the 5 to encourage strengthening in quadruped and/or side sitting, and then switch to the three to facilitate writing and cutting skills. The families that I have recommended the Bamboo Brace have all purchased it without hesitancy after seeing it in use during therapy sessions. The low cost makes it an affordable choice for parents.
Karen OT
We ordered the bamboo brace to help with our daughter who had an en-utero stroke. At 14 months she was still army crawling when we thankfully came across the bamboo brace. We ordered it immediately. We also spoke to Michael who was very helpful. We did not believe it was possible that she would be able to crawl. After 3 weeks with the brace she was 4 point crawling! She now is 16 months old and crawling with and without the brace. We continue to use the brace for additional support while building shoulder/arm muscles. This product is amazing! I would not hesitate to purchase it. Michael has been very helpful with providing ideas for use with the brace and could not be better to work with. It is highly recommended. Wonderful product that gives our daughter such higher hopes for reaching her full amazing potential. Thank you Michael for making this product
We have been using the bamboo braces for about 3 weeks now and are so happy with them!

Our daughter, Alivia age 3, has Rett Syndrome and has been hand-mouthing since she was a baby. It had slowed down and almost stopped for about 6 months but recently picked back up even more and was interfering with school projects, concentration, among other things.

With the bamboo brace on one arm, it allows her to use her dominant arm productively and also prevents the rash on her face that resulted from hand-mouthing. She is also in general more focused because she doesn't have the distraction of her hand going to her mouth.

Thank you!!! My son had an asymmetrical crawl- army crawl on left and regular crawl on right. After 3 days with the brace he is crawling symmetrically. He went for a PT eval and they said he doesn't even need it!! This meant the world to my husband and me.
Amazon review
I have just recently found the amazing benefits of the Bamboo brace, and was searching the internet for support for my children with hemiparesis. And whalla!! Speaking with Michael and trying the brace with many children has made me a believer!!! The support needed for any weight bearing position, is now individual...not just a "one support fits all". Taking my hands off of some of my children has been so they are so determined to be independent and they are so proud of themselves. Parents seem to love it, as it is easy to don, and not cumbersome to the child. We have begun ordering them through the Illinois Early Intervention Program. This is a tool that all therapist's dream about, and so glad that you took the time to fulfill our dream....
Martha C. OTR/L

My son, Sevil is 4 years old and was adopted from Haiti shortly after he turned two. He has CP (hemiplegia) and hadn't received any therapy at all before he came home to us. With a rigorous OT/PT regimen, he has made tremendous progress. Sevil's OT recommended the Bamboo Brace to us when we were looking for something to counteract the tone in Sevil's affected arm. He's got great range of motion and decent voluntary control, but when he's running, playing, climbing, etc. his arm clenches right up into a classic CP tonal pattern.
We originally ordered the toddler size, and were having difficulty with getting the proper angles. Michael was fantastic to work with - provided personal advice on usage, new therapy ideas, and eventually got Sevil into the next larger size. (Sevil is 40" tall, and 4" from elbow to armpit) The new brace is fantastic. I was originally concerned that Sevil would hate it and remove it (it IS conveniently accessible with his dominant hand) but he rarely complains about having it on and actually ASKS to wear it sometimes.
I love it because it's one of the few tools/therapies we've seen that has the potential to address the impacts of Cerebral Palsy from the neurological level. By allowing the rest of Sevil's body to be engaged in his activity, but preventing his arm from clenching up, his brain can form neural pathways that don't include his tonal patterns. It makes it much easier for him to do things like hold BOTH handlebars when riding his bike, because he can focus his attention on pedaling & avoiding obstacles rather than on stretching out his arm to reach the handlebars. (His siblings appreciate the avoiding obstacles part a lot!)
If you're considering purchasing the Bamboo Brace for your child, I highly recommend it. The risk/cost is so low compared to other options out there, and the potential benefits are tremendous. And be sure to contact Michael if you have any questions or problems with the brace - he clearly cares about kids, and wants to see your child gain function and skills. 

My son Liam has left hemiplegia and we started using the bamboo brace a little more than a month ago. Liam is doing so well. His balance has improved so much and he barely falls now. His PT also noticed his improvement. To top it off he is holding his left arm straight now at times without his brace when walking, so we are so psyched. He saw the neuromuscular doctor and he didn't recommend botox for his arm because he said his range of motion was good and his spasticity wasn't bad at all(seriously he improved so much).. Thank you so much, we are so happy with the brace and know that it has made a world of difference for Liam. We are so happy with it that we've ordered another one just for his PT/OT sessions. Additionally, I've had a couple of conversations with Michael as well as a phone consultation and am truly impressed with how he was able to help Liam and how dedicated and compassionate he was. Thank you for everything,

Thank you for putting together the order promptly. I can't wait for it to be received. When we discovered this elbow brace we were thrilled to have a brace that will prevent my daughter to put her hands in her mouth, however still enable elbow mobility. The combination of the 2 is awesome. Thank you so much!

Leah F.
Michael and Susan,

I just wanted to thank you again for the arm braces for my daughter Allie.  They are PERFECT for school. She has better use of her hands, she has enough flex in them that she can do more while still not being able to punch herself and they are a lot more comfortable for her.

She has figured out how to move in a way that it doesn't jab her anymore. Her bruises are almost healed and I don't see any new ones. You have a customer for life now and I really can't thank you enough. This was an ongoing issue for over a year and to finally have it solved is more relief than I can ever express. My gratitude is boundless and I will tell anyone and everyone, not just what a great product you have, but what amazing people you are :). Susan

Susan B.

I have used the Bamboo Brace with several of my patients, including infants and toddlers with diagnoses such as perinatal stroke and brachial plexus birth palsy. I am looking forward to also using the Bamboo Brace in older children, when the larger sizes come out.

In one young child who had sustained an in-utero stroke, the Bamboo Brace enabled him to carry a tray across the room, for the first time using both hands, without any objects falling off.

In brachial plexus palsy, the Bamboo Brace enables a weak triceps to support the arm during propped sitting and other activities, to assist with functional strengthening of triceps at end-range. When used this way, the Bamboo Brace can help prevent the common formation of elbow flexion contractures in this population. Especially helpful when biceps function is returning after brachial plexus injury, the Bamboo Brace can be an alternative to casting or Botox in smaller children; two interventions that can further weaken a recovering biceps. 


My daughter started crawling at 14 months, I give all the credit to the bamboo brace. When she was 9 months we found out she had a stroke either right before or right after she was born. We have been working with PT's and OT's and have been working on crawling since before we even knew about the stroke. She has left sided hemiparesis.

Her PT recommended the Bamboo Brace, she would wear it at therapy and I saw improvement the first time she wore it. I called the 800 # to get our own for at home, thinking I would hear a recording and Michael himself answered! He answered all my questions right there on the phone. He's super nice, fyi!

The brace has given her the confidence she needed to bear and shift weight onto her left arm. Her arm used to stay bent and close to her body, she has it out and straight all the time now!

3 weeks and 1 day after she got the brace she started crawling. {not that I'm counting!} She crawls with the brace, without the brace, she is such a little mover now!

I was so happy and relieved when we saw her crawl for the first time. Nothing can even describe the feeling. I honestly don't think she would be crawling right now if it weren't for the bamboo brace. 

Hilary & Spencer

My 2-year old son has hemiplegia and his therapist suggested this bamboo brace to use with his McKee splint and supinator strap. It's been amazing!! The 5 different settings have been so helpful for switching between "therapy" mode and "life" mode. Its incredibly easy to use and my son doesn't even notice he's wearing it. I'm so thankful that someone noticed a need and worked on remedying the situation. As a mom of a kid in therapy, I am incredibly grateful!!  

We read about the use of this brace for children with hemiplegia and decided to try it. Our daughter is 3, and she has right sided hemiplegia from an in-utero stroke at birth. She has muscle weakness and increased tone in her right arm and hand, especially, but also in her right leg. She has had OT and PT since birth, including constraint therapy for her hand.
What we really like about the Bamboo Brace, is that when we put it on her it does many helpful things that we use in her daily therapy. First, it supports her elbow for weight-bearing on her right arm. Now we can focus on getting her right hand flat and open when she is crawling as her arm doesn't collapse. We have also found that when she wears the brace, it breaks the pattern of increased tone so much that her walking and running gait and her jumping improve, as her arm hangs more naturally by her side as opposed to held up on her chest. We have her wear the Bamboo Brace when she goes to gymnastics class, as it also helps her extend her arm when needed and tends to keep her whole body in a more relaxed and balanced position.
We purchased this brace because it sounded like a great idea to me... As parents constantly watching her movement and development, we could see how having her arm tucked in to her chest was causing problems, and we had often wondered about an elbow brace but one was never suggested to us. Since we've had it, we've shown it to two OTs and one PT who work with our daughter and they were very impressed with what it does for her.
We didn't get this brace until our daughter was almost 3, and though she was able to eventually crawl on her own (with her right hand fisted) when she was about 15 months, we think the Bamboo Brace would have been really helpful back then and probably would have enabled her to crawl earlier and better as we could have paid more attention to opening her hand as opposed to helping stabilize her elbow. We even have used it to help teach my daughter to go down the slide at the playground. She used to go down with her right arm tucked in despite us telling her to hold on to both sides. As a result, she would often lose her balance on the slide and even roll on to her stomach. With the brace she was able to at least hold her right arm out so she was sitting in a balanced position before going down so she could stay sitting upright and facing forward while going down the slide! Thank you, this brace really has made a world of difference for our daughter. We think having it in larger sizes for children to wear during sport activities would be great (hint hint)!

This brace is amazing, and its effects on my daughter are so powerful it brings me to tears to even discuss it. Of all the exercises we have done, such as breaking down movement to little steps and practicing, building strength to allow independent sitting, of everything we have done since the CP diagnosis, nothing else has had the impact this brace has had on my daughter’s arm, trunk, shoulder and general strength. Every other therapist we see and the ortho doc all compliment me on Hannah’s range of motion in her shoulder and trunk, and they all say “we just don’t see that level of rotation and strength in a child with hemiplegia.” Michael explained to me that Hannah’s bent arm pulled her out of alignment, making sitting difficult, and using the brace we were sitting up within 2 weeks. Then we continued to use it to help break her pattern of holding her arm bent, so she could begin to use it and bear weight on it. She used her arm to pull up to stand, she used that arm to balance while she stands and plays and now she crawls with or without the brace. I truly believe we would not have made this much progress without the Bamboo, and especially not been able to achieve crawling. Hannah actually brings it to me and holds out her arm to have me put it on her and get down to some playtime fun. If I want Hannah to be incognito, the brace can fit under a shirt, or it stays firmly placed over a shirt as well. The stays can be changed to provide greater or lesser resistance, depending on what you are using the brace for at the moment, and you can change them in the blink of an eye to have greater flexibility for play and less for crawling. We have one at the day care and one at home and we take it to hippo-therapy, sometimes using two there so she can be on hands and knees on a moving horse. Now that she is walking we use the Bamboo to keep her from bunching up her arm during activity or stress, so she can get her arm out in front of her to break a fall or catch herself. Because we used this brace, Hannah has made extraordinary progress that is recognized by every treating agency we see – I really can’t recommend this highly enough, and I hope it becomes standard treatment at least for all kids with hemiplegia, because the results are truly outstanding. 

Our daughter, Lily, was 12 months when she started working with the Bamboo Brace (One for each arm). The braces were beneficial to her therapy and helped increase her ability to be more mobile. At the time, Lily wasn’t rolling over or putting a pacifier to her mouth. Basically she had no hand coordination or arm strength whatsoever. After a week of using the Bamboo Braces, Lily was reaching out for toys, pressing buttons and pushing them to and from her. This was a huge success for us. Within 4 months, Lily was using her arms to push her body sideways and eventually roll over, put a pacifier and whatever else she could navigate to her mouth— all with the assistance of the Bamboo Braces.
Today, she is able to play assisted on all fours. Just this past weekend we saw her push her body toward an object in front of her. Again, because she had the Bamboo Braces on helping her to stabilize her body, isolate her arm strength and hold her body weight. Once the braces were off, she no longer had the individual strength to accomplish this important process in her growth and development. The Bamboo Braces have given our daughter the advantage of being able to stabilize her body; whether going for an object, rolling over or playing on all fours. We are so grateful that these were an option for her. Without them I am confident that she would not be at the level of development that she is at today. 


My daughter who I ordered the braces for uses them every time her dad feeds her. I ordered them because we had a hard time at feeding time where she always reached in her mouth to take out her food and play with it,  but now thanks to the braces she can't reach in her mouth and now eats her food :)

Great product!!!

Thank you,


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