Hi Michael,
Thank you for the follow up.  Our Bamboo Braces are working out awesome!  She is able to sit up and use her arms for support all by herself!! 

I'd just like to tell you how much of a difference the bamboo brace has made to Aleisha. Aleisha is 4 and has global developmental delay. I ordered the bamboo brace because of her constant mouthing of her hands. Since wearing the bamboo braces on both arms, she has much more control and we are finding she is concentrating more on other things. Although she puts her hands straight back in her mouth when the braces come off we are hoping that eventually she'll mouth less and less when un-braced. Thank you for developing The Bamboo Brace, it's fantastic! 

I am a pediatric physical therapist working primarily with children with neurological and genetic disorders (i.e. CP, Down syndrome, Prader Willi, etc.). I came across this product 9 months ago when looking on different sites for a product to assist with elbow support for UE weight-bearing. I was so excited when I found the Bamboo Brace...it was exactly what I was looking for. Michael was so helpful with providing advice for how to use the brace with my patients. Initially I thought I would ONLY use the brace to assist with upper extremity weight bearing with children with low tone. Once I got started using the brace I was excited to see that it was very useful in MANY, MANY other ways including constraint induced therapy, to prevent mouthing, proximal support of the elbow joint during fine motor activities at the hand when child is in sitting, crawling, rolling, etc. It is definitely like having another set of hands...I don't know any pediatric PT who hasn't wished for that! I absolutely love this product. I am so glad that Michael was able to make a product that wasn't available and also being committed to continuing to help other find uses for this product as well.
Kristen PT, DPT

My daughter starting using the Bamboo Brace around age 2 1/2, and I wish we had known about it when she was younger so she would have learned how to crawl! She was a scooter! Even until age 2 1/2, she would avoid any type of crawling, but since she has been using the brace, she is much better at crawling. She often chooses to crawl around while she is playing, and she has gained enough strength and range of motion to do it without the brace. The brace has many more benefits than helping with crawling though. If you are considering the brace - for a child at ANY age, I highly recommend it. I plan to purchase the next size up when she outgrows this one.

I am a school physical therapist. I currently am using the Bamboo Brace with an 8 1/2 year old student who has Lissencephaly. Her hands were always in her mouth. The skin on her hands and around her mouth was quite red and raw. This behavior was limiting her ability to participate in functional activities in the classroom. Using the Bamboo Brace helped her keep her hands away from her face and stay more focused on using her head switch and using her hands to explore her environment including a variety of textures. She tolerates the brace well during activities and seems comfortable wearing it.