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The Bamboo Brace

Teen/Adult (XL) Single Bamboo Brace

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The Bamboo Brace is a dynamic elbow splint for children and adults with disabilities such as high muscle tone (Cerebral Palsy), low muscle tone (Down Syndrome/other genetic conditions), and behavioral diagnoses (Autism and Rett Syndrome) that assists them by actively re-aligning the elbow at more favorable angles in order to learn gross and fine motor skills. The Bamboo Brace is sold with 5 flexible and interchangeable support stays of varying resistance.

The Bamboo Brace Teen XL / Adult brace fits larger teens as young as 13-15 years through adulthood.

The XL brace measures 10.5” long x 15.0” in girth (wrap-around) x 3.0mm thick